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United Living, LLC was established in 2003 and is endorsed for several NC Innovations I/DD services; however, UL chooses to focus primarily on its residential services.  UL serves individuals with developmental challenges including but not limited to the autism spectrum disorder.  During UL's existence, UL has recognized its objective in the way it operates.  In regards to residential settings, UL strives to support individuals to grow and advance and eventually reside in less structured environments.  Homes operated by UL put forth every effort to create a structured environment for each individual it serves.  Individuals that reside in homes operated by UL are treated with dignity and respect while taking personal responsibility for his/her own actions.  Once an individual has made significant progress in daily independence skills and overcomes many challenges, the individual has the opportunity to move forward to a less structured setting based on the preferences of the individual, individual's family, and the individual's team.

Westhampton Residence

Laramie Residence

Herman Gist Residence

Our Commitment

UL will offer a clean and safe environment for every person that is supported by UL.  UL's representatives including employees, contractors and/or volunteers shall protect and promote the rights of those persons served and supported.  Our goal is to furnish an atmosphere that will allow people to be all that they can be by supporting them to achieve their personal outcomes which include but is not limited to people's hopes and dreams.  This shall become evident not only from both a community and an organization's point of view, but also from people's own personal perspective.


UL believes that one way to serve the community is to provide jobs to its local community.  UL also believes that all individuals that are supported shall serve and give back to the community.  This can be achieved by individuals gaining more exposure, experience, and education from all areas of their community.  This may consist of volunteer opportunities via Community Networking and workforce development via Supported Employment.


Anthony Patterson is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina and has lived there since birth in 1980.  Anthony is the Director/Majority Owner of UL.  Prior to exploring entrepreneurship, Anthony served 3 years in the US Army as a 13 Bravo Cannon Crew Member from 2000-2003.  During this 3-year period, he also served a 6-month tour in Kosovo as part of the continuing peacekeeping efforts between Serbia and Albania.  Anthony received the NATO Medal, National Defense Service Medal, and Kosovo Campaign Medal for his role in the peacekeeping mission.   Along with his entrepreneurial pursuits, Anthony has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with minors in Criminal Justice, Strategic Intelligence, and Homeland Security at Liberty University, VA.   

Anthony embodies discipline, hard work, and dedication.  He balances his academic and professional commitments through engaging with his community in multiple ways including volunteering once a month, donating to the local YMCA, and participating in various charity runs at least twice a year.